video installation for berlin designer AGUSTIN NOGUERA (music by ©PHILIP GLASS)

excerpt from self portrait series IV, VII, XII, photos by kay b.

installational tvc for MONTBLANC in cooperation with SCHOLZ & FRIENDS berlin (music by ©Louis XIV)

making of fabrics for FRAGMENT´s SS17 collection

excerpt of photo series for OTHER STORIES, photos by kay b.
excerpt from fashion shoot for FRAGMENT´s SS17 collection, photos by kay b.

installation view by FABIO CAMPAGNA at name gallery berlin

excerpt of photo series "US OF SLUM" by kay b.
KAY B. "chair & paper" video installation

video installation "chair & paper" by kay b. 

"the 7,50 lie" installation by KAY B.

small installation view of "the 7,50 lie" by kay b.

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